Eden Pearlstein is a poet, performer, publisher, editor, and educator. Since 2003, Eden has produced numerous albums of original music, toured internationally, and directed multiple music videos with Darshan, ePRHYME, Thee XNTRX, Ruthless Cosmopolitans, and Saints of Everyday Failures. In collaboration with numerous authors, Eden has helped develop, co-write, and edit upwards of forty books focused primarily on contemporary Jewish spirituality, many of which have been translated into multiple languages. He is the author and co-curator of the chapbook and gallery show In/Flux: on influence, inspiration, transmission, and transformation, and has two Master’s Degrees from the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), in Jewish Philosophy and Experiential Education. Eden is Cofounder and Editor of Ayin Press, and his debut book of poetry, Nothing is For Everyone, is due to be published in Fall 2022 by Deuteronomy Press.