I like learning with people. Small groups or one-on-one. Lectures, panels, and presentations. Private circles. Community classes. Rituals. Retreats. Workshops. Rabbinic cohorts and College classes.

Some Places I have Taught and Presented:

Romemu, Lab/Shul, Chevra Ahavas Yisrael, Academy of Jewish Religion, Wexner Institute, Feinstein Center of American Jewish History at Temple University, the Artist Beit Midrash, Limmud UK, Leichtag Foundation, University of Chicago, Western Carolina University

Some Series I have taught:
  • Souls, Songs, and Stories: a Rebbe Nachman Immersive (6-part Series)
  • Poetry, Prayer, and Paradigm Shift: an Exploration of Kabbalat Shabbat (6-part Series)
  • Make/Believe: The Conceptual Art of Creation (6-part Series)
  • Faith, Doubt, and Fire: Hasidic Torah Commentary from the Warsaw Ghetto (weekly class, full year cycle)
  • Piety and Passion: The Spiritual Path of the Baal Shem Tov (7-part Series)
  • Un/Re-Veiling the Divine: Diving into the Mei HaShiloach (6-part Series)
  • One Day: A Liturgical and Ritual Map of Jewish Time from Morning to Night
The Iyyun Kollel:

In 2015 I helped to conceptually design and launch The Iyyun Kollel in collaboration with Rabbi Dovber Pinson and others. The Kollel was a quarterly 5-day intensive program that would focus on a single object or physical phenomenon as it is represented across the spectrum of Jewish Literature—from Torah to Talmud to Halacha to Midrash to Kabbalah to Hasidut. Interspersed throughout the week would be presentations on related topics in science, poetry, and philosophy to complement the traditional text learning. Over the course of the first five years of the program I delivered around twenty poetry lectures on subjects such as dust, rain, twilight, the moon, seeds, incense, sight, sound, touch, fields, home, and more. (These lectures are currently being prepared as a book of essays, publication date tbd.)